Ship your Samples Directly to our Microbiology Lab

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Ship your Samples to our Microbiology & Mastitis Lab

Send your samples directly to our Microbiology & Mastitis Lab in Arizona. Majority of reports will be generated and sent back shortly after 48 hours of receiving sample. Mycoplasma cultures take 7 full days.

Click here to order sterile screw cap culture tubes if you do not already have

It's extremely important to take as clean of a sample as possible for accurate results
Procedure for Collecting Aseptic Milk Sample
  • Remove any loose dirt or bedding debris from udder and teats
  • Squirt several streams of milk from the teat to be sampled
  • Clean teats with cotton balls soaked in 70% rubbing alcohol & allow to completely dry
  • Label each tube with a Tube # using a permanent marker
  • Carefully remove cap from tube, make sure not to touch the inside of cap or top of tube
  • Squirt milk into sterile test tube, and cap immediately
  • Refrigerate or freeze sample right away
Please make sure to properly clean teat with rubbing alcohol before taking sample
Label each tube with a Tube # using a permanent maker & fill out Submission Form

Shipping Instructions:

  • Fill out Sample Submission Form
  • Make sure to take clean and aseptic sample
  • Freeze Sample before shipping
  • Ship in styrofoam container, with ice packs, if possible
  • Ship using fastest delivery method, if available
  • Ship Monday-Thursday
  • Email or Call before shipping
  • For first time Customers, or Small Sample Sizes (1-10 samples), please incude payment in check or cash form with your shipment.

Please Do Not:

  • Do not collect sample in anything other than sterile screw cap tube
  • Do not open sterile tube until everything is prepared and sample is ready to be taken
  • Do not fill test tube to the brim and freeze or tube may crack
  • Do not collect milk sample in blood collection tube, glass tube, or non-screw cap tube
  • Do not ship on Friday

Download & Print Submission Form:

Sample Submission Form 2 pg Sample Submission Form

Ship to:

Dairy Herd Lab
1825 E Germann Rd, Suite #12
Chandler AZ, 85286

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