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Dairy Herd Laboratory Services

    We provide for any of your bacterial, parasitic, and fungal testing needs. We can process any sample mediums including water, blood, milk, fecal, soil, and many more:

  • Complete Dairy Microbiology testing and analysis
  • Complete Microbiology testing and analysis on Feed (Crude protien, fat, moisture, ash, ADF, NDF, starch, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, sugar..)
  • Complete Analysis for Bacteria in Water Samples
  • Early detection of clinical and sub-clinical mastitis
  • Complete Bulk Tank Sample Analysis, including Standard Plate Count (SPC) & Lab Pasteurized Count (LPC), Somatic Cell Count (SCC), Mycoplasma & Coliform screening, and more
  • Mycoplasma screening for both Individual & Bulk Tank Samples
  • Screening for contagious Strep. ag. and Staph. aureus manifestations of mastitis
  • Antibiotic Detection and Sensitivity testing.
  • We are specialized in processing pen and string samples
  • Bedding Culture Analysis of microorganisms in bedding material
  • We process whole herd samples, and also offer free pre-labeled tubes for your convienence.
  • We process fecal samples in our lab for parasites & Coccidiosis or for bacterial work to detect for Coliform or Salmonella.
  • Complete analysis of blood and fecal samples for Johnes disease, BVD, IBR,  BLV, viral diseases and abortion panel
  • Soil pH testing
  • Detection of Sodium Chloride in Solution
  • We carry very special media to detect the type of bacteria we are looking for. That includes bovine blood agar plates with steralized bovine blood, which pairs perfectly and provides excellent results specifically for dairy mastitis.
  • When we have suspicious lab results, we do further testing to determine the type of bacteria at NO extra cost to the client.

Pricing on Dairy Cattle:


Microbiology Services in AZ

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  • Full Cow & Bulk Tank Analysis
  • Clinical & Sub-clinical Mastitis
  • Detection of Bacteria in Feed
  • Detection of Bacteria in Water