Dairy Cow Mastitis Lab & Microbiology Services

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Dairy Cow Microbiology Services

  • We process individual milk samples with the lowest prices in Arizona
  • Complete analysis of bulk tank and string samples including SCC
  • Mycoplasma screening for individual and bulk tank samples
  • Early detection of clinical and sub-clinical mastitis
  • Screening for contagious Strep. ag. and Staph. aureus caused mastitis.
  • Complete analysis of blood & fecal samples for Johnes disease, BVD, IBR, BLV, viral diseases & abortion panel
  • View all your lab reports online, customize and sort the report the way you like
  • Free high quality glove delivers to our dedicated dairies in Maricopa County

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Milk Testing for Dairy Cows Pricing
Milk Sample for Mastitis on BAP $2.00
Milk Sample for Mycoplasma $2.00
Milk Sample for Mastitis (BAP) & Mycoplasma $3.50
Antibiotic Sensitivity $25.00
Bulk Tank Sample w/ SCC $25.00
Bulk Tank Sample w/o SCC $20.00
E. Coli $13.00
Salmonella $13.00
Coliform Count (CC) $5.00
Standard Plate Count (SPC) $5.00
Lab Pasteurization Count (LPC) $5.00
Post Incubation Count (PIC) $5.00
Milk Antibiotic Detection $8.00
Milk Aflatoxin Detection $18.00
Bulk Tank Sample for Radiation $8.00


Fecal Testing for Dairy Cows Pricing
Aerobic Culture $5.00
Coliform Count $5.00
E. coli Culture $5.00
E. coli 0157 Culture $13.00
Salmonella Culture $12.00
Parasites $12.00


Blood Testing for Dairy Cows Pricing

PCV (Packed Cell Volume)
$6.00 - 1-3 samples
$5.00 - 4-10 samples
$4.00 - Over 10 Samples
GGT $19.00
Serum Protein $5.00 - 1-5 samples
$4.00 - over 5 samples


Water Testing Pricing
Water Well or Storage Tank Culture $8.00
Water Well or Storage Tank for Coliform $8.00
Water Well or Storage Tank for E. coli $12.00
Bacteria Culture, Coliform & E. coli $20.00
Water Well or Storage Tank for Salmonella $12.00
Water Well or Storage Tank for Radiation $8.00
Water Sample for Toxic Heavy Metals (Arsenic, Lead, Uranium) $72.00

Other Sample Mediums

Other Mediums
Teat Dip
Dairy Towels & Equipment
Soil Sample
Swab Sample for Bacteria

Microbiology Services in AZ

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  • Full Cow & Bulk Tank Analysis
  • Clinical & Sub-clinical Mastitis
  • Detection of Bacteria in Feed
  • Detection of Bacteria in Water